Alfred Preisser
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POWER OF TRINITY by Tomas Doncker

About The Show:

Power of the Trinity is an explosive dance concert based on the concert album of the same name by Toma's Doncker. The 75 minute multi-media spectacle blends Global- Soul music, Afro-Soul dance, and elevated text and features the Tomás Doncker Band, the stage direction of Alfred Preisser and choreogreaphy of Tracy Jack. Power of the Trinity explores the historical significance of Haile Selassie during the time of Mussolini's invasion of Ethiopia in the mid-1930.

N.Y.C. Summer stage "Power of Trinity"

Performance clip 3 featuring Mahmoud Ahmed:


Power of the Trinity, is a moving dedication to Ethiopia and Haile Selassie; Doncker’s on-point musicality connects the Ethiopian traditions with soulful pop brilliance invigorating excursion of Doncker’s journey from Brooklyn to Ethiopia and ever fascinating... Highly Recommended. Peggy Oliver, Soul Tacks

"Andre De Shields is a flamboyant delight" - THEATREMANIA

"Andre De Shields is a national treasure" - BACKSTAGE

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