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From the press release for the 2002 production:

Using live, original music, chant, dance, and a highly theatrical treatment of text emphasizing contemporary speech, CTH will create a vital, present tense MEDEA, that, at 70 minutes in length, is far shorter than most versions of the Greek tragedy. The all-black cast features a chorus of eleven tattooed, body-painted Corinthian women, who will employ dance and song to reinvent the choral passages as the ritualistic counterpoint to the dramatic story line they were originally intended to be. Broadway and screen veteran Arthur French is featured as Kreon, the "aging lion" who makes a last attempt to control Medea's destructive passion. Harlem resident April Thompson will play the title role, a woman poisons her younger female rival and slaughters her children with disturbing realness "to break" her faithless husband.


- New York Times Review

- Village Voice Review

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