Alfred Preisser
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Caligula Maximus

About The Show:

Helmed by Preisser, CALIGULA MAXIMUS takes place on the last night of the notorious dictator's life, in his palace where he is stage managing, directing, and starring in one of his famous "entertainments" which test the limits of human intellect and appetite. Caligula, sensing the encroachment of monotheistic religions (Christianity and Judaism) holds a phantasmagoric revival meeting in which he attempts to save the world by ushering in a new religion with himself as its principle prophet and god. Caligula's "senate" is an outrageous collection of circus performers, wrestlers, animals, show girls and freaks who enact his spectacles and indulge his whims and fantasies. As the revival meeting reaches fever pitch, his troupe grows weary of being used as toys, gains a sense of their own power and, bedecked in the war paint and leather costumes of barbarian invaders, descend upon him and murder him in mob frenzy. Expect circus, music, dance, rhetoric, and the unexpected.





…a rock musical to make “Hair” pale by comparison, replete with nudity, sex, every form of perversion and violence …a probing, provocative and profound piece of theater.
This cast is the hardest-working ensemble of diverse talents with vastly varied backgrounds that could be assembled. Each plays many parts and the energy level could light up Manhattan. In addition to well-trained experienced actors, singers and dancers, there are actual circus performers, strippers, muscle men and body builders. Heading it all is the utterly astonishing Ryan Knowles, as beautiful a young man as the historical Caligula, an actor of range, sensitivity, colossal endurance, and a solid singer.
If you’re serious about the theater (world, street, experimental, theater in all its forms), politics, history, philosophy and/or theology, you’ll go to the Ellen Stewart Theatre (La MaMa) and witness “Caligula Maximus.” It’s run has been extended to April 17.
Beatrice Williams-Rude, BROADWAYAFTERDARK.COM by Jeremy Gerard
"Equal parts circus, rock musical, burlesque show and alt-theater extravaganza, 'Caligula Maximus' packs a lot into 70 memorable minutes that are heavy on energy and light on clothing. Porn star Justine Joli is topless for the duration, while toned Hula Hoop ace Tricia Storie does her thing completely in the buff. You just may find yourself fantasizing what they look like with their clothes on." -Jeremy Gerard, BLOOMBERG.COM NY Review: 'Caligula Maximus'

..."Caligula Maximus" will thoroughly satisfy your desires.BACKSTAGE.COM review
"Caligula Maximus is blessed with some terrific performances, perfectly capable of working within a place where spectacle meets message. As the title character, Ryan Knowles is perfect. Made-up as a Jagger-Hedwig hybrid, Knowles moves between his songs and speeches with ease, hitting all the right moments. At times we're enthralled and at other times disgusted with him, but always interested." -Matt Roberson,

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