Alfred Preisser
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CALIGULA takes place on the last night of the famed dictator's life, in his palace where he is stage managing, directing, and starring in one of his famous "entertainments" which test the limits of human intellect and appetite. Caligula, sensing the encroachment of monotheistic religions (Christianity and Judaism) holds a revival meeting in which he attempts to save the world by ushering in a new religion with himself as its principle prophet and god. Caligula's "senate" is a collection of self-appointed showgirls and flunkies who perform his spectacles and indulge his whims and fantasies. As the revival meeting reaches a fever pitch, his "senate" grows weary of being his toys, gain a sense of their power, and, bedecked in the war paint and leather costumes of the barbarian invaders, descend upon him and murder him in mob frenzy.


- New York Times Review

- Variety Review

- Village Voice Review

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