Alfred Preisser
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About The Show:

Archbishop Supreme Tartuffe is an original play with music, inspired by Moliere's great comic classic and informed by the gloriously unorthodox ministries of Reverend Ike, Daddy Grace and Rasputin. Set within a fabulously theatrical Harlem Renaissance-era "church," the play explores the outrageously creative criminal mind of the title character through a series of songs, dances, sermons and feats of divine inspiration.


"Infectious energy ... Dynamic unabashed fun ... With witty words and loud suits, Mr. De Shields is magnetic ... This preacher isn't interested in talk of an afterlife. Instead, he's busy enjoying each moment of the here and now. Just like the audience." - THE NEW YORK TIMES

"Unholy spectacle ... the dynamic demolition job that the Classical Theater of Harlem has made of this classic work is entirely in keeping with the play's original satiric intent ... "Archbishop Supreme Tartuffe" is a rollicking send up of a flamboyant Rev. Ike-like minister ... With charismatic Andre De Shields holding forth as the shameless charlatan, church services are a gas ... as played by the indestructible De Shields, the rogue is truly dazzling. If you're not having fun by now, you are a lost cause." - VARIETY

"A wild and wooly take on Moliere's classic ... The theater has been transformed into a Harlem church, with the atmosphere redolent of a revival meeting. Roof raising sermons and musical numbers inspired by Stevie Wonder, the Bee Gees, Edith Piaf and of course gospel... At a scant 80 minutes... Preisser's energetic, fast-paced staging keeps the proceedings suitably brisk" - NY POST

"Andre De Shields unleashes a charisma so irresistible, you just might find yourself reaching into your own pocket to donate to the 'church' ... Not just a musical, but a euphoric experience ... electric and alive" - CURTAINUP.COM

"The story, told with maximum song and skin, is a celebration of vice and of De Shields's ability to electrify a stage" - NEW YORKER

"4 out of 5 stars" - TIME OUT NEW YORK

"Andre De Shields is a flamboyant delight" - THEATREMANIA

"Andre De Shields is a national treasure" - BACKSTAGE

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